Auditing company “MOORE REVIDENS” d.o.o. Varaždin was founded in 1993, and is among the first auditing companies in Croatia which obtained work permit from the Ministry of Finances. The company was founded by former employees of the SDK in Croatia with many years of work and experience in inspection and audit in the former Social Accounting Service.
Since its beginnings, the company is developing and expanding its scope of business in Croatia and abroad.

Our company is one of the ten biggest Croatian audit comapanies (excluding the Big four). The company has performed over 800 audits so far. Audits were made for companies in various fields of industry, which is definitely an operative advantage. In this way we acquired new knowledge and experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Because of that knowledge and experience we can claim that we can perform audits for companies from any field, of any size or type of organization.